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Is it dangerous?

No. However, as a tourist on any adventure, it's a good idea to be aware of your surroundings. And we would suggest you leave your diamond encrusted Audemars Piquet at home. Flashy isn't really our thing.

Will I get sick?

Not likely... but take care with hand sanitizer or our favorite ActionWipes before eating. The restaurants, wineries, hotels and bars we frequent take great care in using purified water for cooking, ice and drinking. The hotels provide bottle water for teeth brushing and drinking.

I have food allergies

We can try to accommodate some dietary needs, but to be honest, if you have a sensitive stomach or if you are a "vegan-non gluten-no carbs-evian only" type... this might not be a great match. Of course we are happy to discuss on an individual basis and try to handle certain food issues.


The local currency is the Mexican peso, however most places take American dollars. Once you have signed on for your adventure, we will send you a detailed "what to bring" list that will include specifics on cash vs. credit vs. local currency, etc.

Phone / Internet

Most hotels, bars and restaurants have impressive internet and phone access these days but remember that we are sometimes in remote areas and disconnected for a few hours at a time. We will always carry emergency satellite phones in these remote areas however... so don't worry.. be happy.

Explore on your own

Certain adventures will allow for time to explore on your own. We are happy to connect you with a private driver or help you with the local taxis should you want to stray from our small herd.

I want more!

We can provide Aventura travel throughout Mexico, France and Morocco as well as South America. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a special custom design or group tour.

I'm a'scared of Mexico

Don't be. We have been traveling through Mexico for 20+ years, Mainland and Baja. This is a country of extraordinary people, rich history and incredible beauty. The residents here take pride in everything they do and we expect you will see, taste, smell, hear and feel their passion in each experience. We love Mexico, and take extreme care so that our guests have a positive and safe, yet adventurous, experience. We are extremely well connected locally and haven't lost anyone yet, so dont be a'scared. Jump aboard.




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